Let's build a better future for kids in Kent County.

Normal was never enough. It still isn't.

Together we can create a community where all children are happy, healthy, and living their best childhoods.

Discrimination, disproportionate poverty and unemployment, lack of investment, and policies that perpetuate disparities have led to a normal that does not provide equal opportunities for young children in our community.

What has normal looked like in Kent County?

Longstanding and persistent inequities in the economy, education systems, and overall health and well-being were made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to move forward, there is an urgent need to develop a different normal that is more inclusive, more just, and more intentional.

In fact, in Kent County…

More than one-third of all families — and nearly two-thirds of all Black families — struggle to pay for basic needs.

For every dollar earned by White families, Black families make about 52 cents and Latinx families make 60 cents.

Black and Latinx children are more likely than all young children in Kent County to start kindergarten without the language, math, and social skills that help them be successful in school.

In 2018, one in seven Black children in Kent County was homeless compared to one in 46 children countywide.

Regardless of color, background, or zip code, all children deserve to live and play in thriving neighborhoods and safe housing, learn in nurturing and vibrant environments, eat good food, get the care they need for their body and mind, and grow up knowing they are valued by their community. Together, let’s build that better future for all our kids. 

In the new normal we build together, we all thrive.

In coordination with many community partners.