Shelley Irwin on WGVU – By Leaps & Bounds: Normal Was Never Enough

We’re all longing to get back to normal. But normal for whom? What has normal looked like for young BIPOC children? Discrimination, disproportionate poverty and unemployment, lack of investment, and policies that perpetuate disparities have led to a normal that does not provide equal opportunities for young children in our community. A rush back to normal is a return to longstanding and persistent inequities that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and further exposed by the increased focus on racial justice.

The purpose of the “Normal Was Never Enough” campaign is to raise critical awareness, and ultimately policy change, around racialized disparities facing BIPOC children, ages 0-5, in Kent County such as low birth weight, wealth gaps, homelessness, and more. Here to discuss is Salvador Lopez, President of KConnect

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