By Leaps & Bounds: Advocacy for Normal Was Never Enough

We’re joined by Jayme Vosovic, Community Engagement Specialist for the Michigan League for Public Policy.

In our Normal Was Never Enough series focusing on ‘getting back to normal’ after COVID, we’ve discussed disparities in family wealth and income, in education for children, and in housing stability with partner organizations who work tirelessly each day to bridge these gaps.

For those of us not part of this work, it can seem as if there’s not much we can do. But, you can help! Each of us can help create improved outcomes for young children and families by using our voice to advocate for change in our communities.

A state-level nonpartisan policy institute, the Michigan League for Public Policy consists of a diverse group of experts who work to promote racial equity, economic security, health and wellbeing for all people in Michigan through policy change. Here to talk more about what you can do is MLPP Community Engagement Specialist, Jayme Vosovic. To learn more, visit: and