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Take the New Normal Pledge

The promise of another new school year puts added distance between us and the Covid-19 pandemic. While the virus is still with us, the massive disruptions to work, school, and play appear to be behind us. The same cannot be said for the disparities and injustices laid bare – and often made worse – by the pandemic. Far too many children in our community still don’t know if there will be enough healthy food to eat, if their family will be able to stay in their home, or if they’ll have a safe place to play. Too many parents and caregivers still don’t know if they can find quality child care or preschool or if they’ll be able to take their kids to the doctor, dentist, and therapist when they need to go. Disproportionately, the children and parents asking those questions are Black and Brown.

As a return to normal feels inevitable, there is an urgent need to make sure our new normal is different – more inclusive, more just, more intentional. Normal was never enough, and it still isn’t. Regardless of color, background, or zip code, all children deserve to live and play in thriving neighborhoods and safe housing, learn in nurturing and vibrant environments, eat good food, get the care they need for their body and mind, and grow up knowing they are valued by their community. Together, let’s build that better future for all our kids. 

Pledge to create that better normal in Kent County – a normal in which all young children are happy, healthy, and living their best childhoods. Here’s how you can help: 

  • Share social media content generated by the campaign and other sources focused on equity in early childhood. 
  • Write a guest blog or opinion piece.
  • Write to elected officials to advocate for policy change that addresses racialized disparities. Learn how to get involved here
  • Present data and policy solutions to your board of directors and other stakeholders.
  • Contribute your expertise to help guide and shape the Normal Was Never Enough campaign.
  • Include a link to www.normalwasneverenough.org on your website.

All organizations that sign the pledge will be listed on the Normal Was Never Enough website. Fill out the form below to get started. 

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