Things you can do right now.

Engage. Educate yourself.
Call, write, or email the elected officials that represent you and those in a leadership role.
(Find your state representative. Find your state senator.)
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Family Wealth and Income

Use your voice to advocate for improved job opportunities, living wages, and working conditions in our community. Learn more about tax credits and other tax issues and show your support for policy changes that help all families thrive. Good resources are the Kids Count Policy Recommendations and Michigan’s Children.

Services for Children

We know what works for young children. Advocate for investments in programs and services that are proven to help children be healthy and ready for school. What are some of the specifics? Make it easier for families to afford quality child care and support living wages for providers and teachers. Ensure early intervention, home visiting, preventive care services, and tuition-free preschool are available to every family that wants and needs them. Strengthen how families learn about and access programs and services. You can help by actively supporting efforts led by partners and allies to improve the wellbeing of young children.

Housing Stability

Michigan’s existing Housing and Community Development Fund hasn’t received state funding since 2012 and doesn’t have resources to meet the needs of families across Michigan who don’t have affordable housing. You can help by learning more about efforts to identify a dedicated revenue stream to ensure enough stable funding is available to increase access to safe, affordable housing in opportunity-rich communities for families with low incomes